Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review Game--Bus Driver

As I was browsing a lesson plan sharing website, I came across a great game to use for review, called the Bus Driver Review Game.

My 4th, 5th and 6th grade are about to have a quiz on music terms and notations, so this was the perfect venue.
I set the chairs up facing the board in rows of 2. The idea is to look like they are riding on a bus.
The people in the front 2 chairs are the bus drivers.
I show flashcards to them, and the first bus driver to call out the correct answer gets to remain a bus driver. The other has to go to the back of the bus on their side, and all the rest of that side moves up a seat. So now the person who was behind the loser of the first flashcard, is now a bus driver. 

It worked out so well. The kids loved it. With one class, there were a few classroom management issues in the back of the bus. (Why is it that they think you can't see them!?) But the pace of the game goes by so fast, that they weren't in the back of the bus for long.

The game reminded me a little of Around the World, that I remember playing in music class when I was about their age. Maybe in 25 years, they'll remember the Bus Driver game too!

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