Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Practicing Piano without a Keyboard

One of the most visited posts of this blog was on how to practice piano when you don't own a piano. I believe the title of that post was Praciting Piano...sans Keyboard.

My family is an Army family and we move around quite often. In fact, we are moving in a mere 3 weeks to a state that is 6 states away. While that's not moving overseas, it is still a move ,nonetheless, that requires having all our household goods packed up and shipped off. Our piano will be included in that packing and shipping procedure. So while we are in limbo, we have to problem solve this dilemma of not having a keyboard to practice on, as well.

So here are the possible solutions I've come up with for our family:
1. Practice at Nana and Papa's house. They have a piano and we'll be there for a night...but only 1 night.
2. Take a week or so off from piano...but its SO hard to get back into a routine once you lose momentum.
3. Take our cheapo electronic keyboard with us in the van...that will not help the 18 hour van ride go well, though.
4. and final thought: Practice on our piano until the morning that they put it on the truck, bring the piano books along with us and have them do the finger work on a counter or table at a restaurant or hotel, window shop at a piano store along the route, then pull out the cheapo keyboard once we get to the new house and are waiting for our household goods.
#4 might be the best idea for us and for our sanity.