Monday, September 26, 2011

Loud and Soft--remote control game

In an effort to control the volume of the kindergardeners, I came up with a great game...
The Remote Control Game:
Draw a big remote control with large volume buttons on the board.

Discuss w/ the kids about what happens on their TV's at home when they push these buttons. Does the TV immediately get quiet or immediately get loud? Or is it gradual? Talk w/ the kids about what their TV screen looks like when they push these buttons. Are there numbers that come on the screen telling what level the volume is at? Are there tally marks  that are added to as the volume increases and taken away as it is decreased?
Then sing a pitch. Have them match it. "Press" one of the volume buttons one time. (I used a big red arrow to indicate the pressing.)

Reiterate that pressing the volume button one time only turns it up or down one number, or one notch.
Have them sing another pitch. Play around with the volume buttons, pressing several times or back and forth. Sometimes it's even fun to quickly draw a mute button on the remote control and press it and see what they do!
Apply this strategy to other activities throughout the year, reiterating each time what level of volume you are looking for.
Most importantly, have fun!

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