Friday, January 14, 2011

Burning Calories While Singing/Playing

Since its January, and tons of people make New Year's resolutions to get in shape, here are some musical ways to burn calories:

According to my new My Fitness Pal App on my Droid:

Spend 30 minutes:
playing cello/flute/horn/woodwind----BURN 72 calories
playing drums---BURN 145 calories
guitar-sitting ----BURN 72 calories
guitar-standing---BURN 108 calories
playing piano/organ---BURN 90 calories
singing-sitting---BURN 50 calories
singing-standing ---BURN 73 calories
practicing marching band with instrument ---BURN 145 calories

Awesome. So today, I will be standing, playing guitar and singing for 30 minutes. If I did my math right, I should burn 181 calories!!

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