Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite TV Show for Kids---Disney's Little Einsteins

Disney's Little Einsteins has been around since 2005, and it is by far my favorite TV program for young kids....especially young musicians.  They cover musical concepts like steady beat, loud and soft, higher and lower,  as well as musical terms like Allegro, Moderato, Andante or rest.  Some of these sound awfully familiar to my regular followers, because these are terms and concepts that I talk about quite a bit!
I have even been bold enough to encourage school music teachers to spend a few dollars of their yearly budget, to purchase the DVD set of this show.  While it is intended for a preschool audience, it easily carries over to a kindergarten and lower elementary school aged child as well.  It works especially well for those days that a school music teacher is absent and has a substitute.  This way if the sub has to play a movie, the students are still being exposed to music standards in the classroom.  This is another win-win situation!
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