Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Five Senses --Smell, (seriously?)

Let's do a quick review of the last 4 posts:

You see the music on the page & see the notes on the piano-
You hear the notes being played and how they blend together -
You touch the keys and hands memorize shape for reaching different intervals-
You taste- you sing or speak the rhythms, words, counts, etc. -

You smell? This is a good one.

The other day at the commissary I smelled a mixture of cigarette smoke, Aqua net hair spray and Avon perfume. Now, to the average passerby that may not have been the most pleasant smelling experience, but to me it was heaven. My eyes started tearing up and memories of my grandmother "Granny" came flooding back to me even though she passed away 23 years prior.

Technically the musician does not "smell" music. But ask anyone who has taken lessons from someone w/ smelly breath or a smelly studio and I can guarantee you they remember that!
If there is a consistently pleasant smell around the piano or practice area, that smell will become part of the pleasant music/piano experience for the learner.

Voila--all 5 senses. So the biggest challenge is, next practice or lesson time, add a wonderful scent, take a breath mint, and make the musical experience as well-rounded as possible.


  1. Love it! My college violin prof always smelled sort of stale and granola-y. Not stale in an unwashed way - hard to explain.

    I have been remembering to brush my teeth before I get down on a level with their little faces, but thanks for the reminder! Maybe next time I'll light a candle as well. :)

  2. I too had a piano prof w/some halitosis! As wise and knowledgeable as he was, his breath was most memorable. I'm afraid mine tends to be more coffee scented, but from now on hopefully more minty fresh! :)